TSC Consulting LLC

who we are

The relationships we build are infused in our values and beliefs. This is who we are and what we are, everyday!

Core Values

Putting our customer's needs first in all that we do.
Building  relationships based on trust.
Maintaining a professional and talented staff.
Treating your customers, staff, and colleagues like family.
Open communications and transparency.
Innovate and celebrate.

Mission / Vision

TSC Consulting LLC was created to build long lasting business relationships by providing the  highest level of digital products and services. We believe in  the endless pursuit of exceeding customer expectations of innovative, cost-justified services and technology,  

Culture / passions

Our culture at TSC is all about relationships. In order to create long lasting, meaningful ones, there has to be respect, honesty , and open communications. This is what we do.
We have adopted a business management model that embraces growth tempered by cautious investment in proven technologies.

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The team

Whether your project is a straight-forward iSeries installation, assistance with your network, or a complex ERP implementation, TSC  Consulting LLC provides highly trained, certified professionals that average 25+ years in the technology arena. You will not find a more diversified, cost effective team that can supply a few, or all, of your technology  needs.

Team Member

Edward Tuttle

Edward (Ned) helped develop and implement a totally integrated berverage industry package in the 80's, long before the term "ERP" was invented. Since then he has owned and operated a technology company provding digital  solutions and services for over 25 years.

Team Member

Winslow Tuttle

Winslow (Win) implemented his first ERP system in 1980. Since then, another 25+ full life cycle implementations are under his belt. After spending over a decade with IBM  Global Services he is now focused on providing digital solutions to the mid market.

The solutions

TSC Consulting delivers integrated digital solutions that align the critical components of your business. 

ERP Implementation solutions

TSC will  partner with you for  your ERP implementations. We bring a proven methodolgy, experience, and hard work to the table and we have a great  track record to prove it. 

business transformation & Special Projects

Looking to optimize and become more efficient in your business processes? Custom development projects,  M&A projects, bolt-on applications. All are projects TSC can be of service.

technology Assessment

TSC can provide a business technology assessment to determine if an ERP system or other solutions are a fit for your organization. We can help by assessing your existing digitial ecosystem and  business strategies.

Infrastructure services

TSC can also provide new high performence infrastructure for a strong foundation to support the applications that add value to your  business.